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Help Us Support Global and Local Ministries Through the COVID-19 Crisis

Help Us Support Global and Local Ministries Through the COVID-19 Crisis

Help Fund Our Mission To Empower and Comfort People Those In Need.

A Cause for Tea has remained actively engaged with our mission to empower women and children. Working with our local and international partners, A Cause for Tea desires to stay aware of the situations and circumstances impacting the communities that we all deeply love and support. This pandemic has touched all of our lives and it has shaken many. Countless days and boundless worry has loosed fear to encroach upon the strong and the vulnerable. After discussions and prayer, our team is determined to alleviate misery and trouble through the  provision of comfort and refreshment. Comfort for the body and refreshment for the spirit restores the dignity of a soul.

About Our Partners:

Our goal: $3000 to New Life Nicaragua

NEW LIFE NICARAGUA, OUR GLOBAL PARTNER: The act of feeding someone is among the very best acts of care and affection. Is there any better illustration of Christ’s love than sharing yourself with someone else through food? In this sole act, the human body, mind, and spirit shares a home, a life, a table. The people of Nicaragua need much. Very much. A meal is an important step forward.

The COVID-19 crisis in Nicaragua comes on top of ongoing political upheaval. With the country’s economy in free-fall because of the turmoil of 2018, government funding simply isn’t available for the already fragile health system. State-run media politicize the pandemic, declaring that COVID-19 is a “disease of the rich and bourgeois” and “divine justice for the poor and oppressed.”

Through it all, our friends with New Life Nicaragua have worked to remain a steady harbor for hope and refuge through all the turmoil and tumult. They feed children, build homes for the poor, provide Christian discipleship, love and care for orphans, care for at-risk children and families, and provide vocational learning.

We love the results of the work of New Life Nicaragua. We want to join hands with them. We want to help them call out to the hungry, “Come to the table! Come to the table!” Together, we can give $3000. $3000 helps two local churches to feed several hundreds of children and families. Be known as a follower of Christ. Remember the divine invitation to come, eat, and remember. Give something today.

HELP PREGNANCY CENTER OF MONROE, OUR LOCAL PARTNER: It is not a parent’s job to toughen up a child in order to face a cruel world. It is a parent’s honor and calling to raise a human being whose presence in the world will make the world less cruel and less heartless. It is a community’s best privilege and interest to provide advocacy.

HELP Pregnancy Center demonstrates the love of Christ to women facing crisis pregnancy through the provision of spiritual, physical and emotional support. Their mobile medical until travels into the greater Charlotte area 6 days a week. They see over 600 clothing appointments a year and have provided over 1,000 women with parenting, pregnancy, lactation, and Bible study classes.

We love the results of the work of HELP. We want to join hands with them and we want to help them meet the wants of those seeking assistance. Together, we can give $3000 towards six occasions for noble celebration. $3000 will help to provide six baby showers for 30 mothers and 30 babies. Be known as a follower of Christ. Give something today.