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Our Story

A Cause for Tea aspires to globally empower women and children, demonstrating God’s love, one teacup at a time.

In 2012, my family took a trip to Nicaragua that changed the course of our lives. We met two amazing people, Tim and Chris Bagwell, who had been working to save the lives of Nicaraguan children since 1982. Their organization, New Life Nicaragua, provides nourishing hope and love to mothers and children who suffer from poverty and malnutrition.

During our visit, we experienced many desperate and heartbreaking situations that children and families were facing. The opportunity to participate in life-saving work with Chris and Tim left an indelible mark on my family’s hearts. We saw that, through love and compassion, through faith and commitment, disaster could be abated and that beauty could spring forth from ashes.

Upon my return to the US, the burden to search for a path towards hope for the women and children that I had left behind weighed heavy on my heart. After meaningful and thoughtful talks with family and close friends, I began to see a way forward. Combining my passion for the allure and art of tea, my desire to create warm and inviting situations for people, and my conviction that all children need the experience of personal hopes and dreams, I started “A Cause for Tea”.

My family’s experience in Nicaragua inspired us to commit ourselves to the sustained success of New Life Nicaragua and to seek out similar initiatives and efforts in other communities. A Cause for Tea aspires to globally empower women and children, demonstrating God’s love one teacup at a time.

We have found women living in senior living facilities who seldom experience the joy of having a visitor. There is a feeling of isolation and loneliness that disempowers. We envision replacing the cold weight of loneliness with the simple and weightless warmth of tea and a smile.

-Rhonda Griffin