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Handcrafted Tea Buddies Are Spreading Easter Cheer

Handcrafted Tea Buddies Are Spreading Easter Cheer

Perky ears, twitchy noses, merry eyes, and tails and toeses, a wonderful collection of plush, handmade bunnies is an attractively whimsical way to playfully dress up a day or basket. 

Six little personalities, ready to be adopted and cherished by your little person, are available online at Teas & Gifts, ACT’s online shop. Share the sweetness of a handcrafted gift, and support our global cause.

These cuddly bunnies are made by ladies in Nicaragua. The sewing shop is a ministry of A Cause for Tea, providing jobs that allow impoverished women to flourish in a part of the world where it is very difficult to find a job. The women who sew beautiful items we sell online at our Teas & Gifts shop are now empowered to employ their skills, creativity and talents while learning a trade that equates to measurable good for their families.

The little outfits… so adorable…

The little outfits… awww! As if the bunnies themselves are not cute enough, purchase a darling hand sewn outfit for your Tea Buddy – make it fun for your child to dress and care for their new doll. These bunnies will come to life with personality once you dress them in a darling outfit purchased separately.

In addition to our precious Tea Buddies, we have added a variety of hand sewn products from Nicaragua, two children’s tea flavors, a beautiful child’s tea set, and more adorable products. Fill your child’s Easter basket with handcrafted love, fragrant tea, and cherished gifts this Easter!